I felt trapped.
Creatively. Expressively.
As a writer. As a maker. As a storyteller.


I've felt I've had to stick to only one core message or "brand" (I despise this word) above all else. And in the process, it's made me feel like I've been placed inside the walls of a gray, uninspired prison of fear.

Because the truth is, I was afraid. Afraid of what people will think of me when they see that I've changed my site again. In fact, you can just take out everything after I said I was afraid in the sentence before because those three words about sums it up.
I was afraid.
I have been afraid.
I am afraid.

Afraid that I always have to stick to a certain "genre" or message with EVERY SINGLE THING I wrote, made or produced. I worried that no matter what I put out there, it wasn't truly in line with what the "brand of the blog" was meant to say.

Which is why I hung it up. For those of you who've followed my writing journey the past few years, you know I've changed it up more than a few times. (,,,  And finally, there was

I enjoyed I even loved Seize Your Story. But when I developed the name last year, I made it with the intent that it was going to be a year-long experiment. If it didn't help me grow as a person first, and creator second, then I felt it was time to go back to just being me.

And that right there is exactly what I've been afraid of when creating.
Being me.

without a doubt,
no way it's anyone or anything else at all...

Just writing.
Just sharing.
Just making.
Just storytelling.

Still sharing what God has put on my heart.
Still writing what I feel led to put out there for The Maker.
Still making sure that my faith is the most important thing above all else.

But this time, not by trying to be something I'm not.
Instead, by standing firm into who I've always been.

I can't promise I'll be sharing here all the time (follow my Instagram Stories for that) but I can assure you that you'll get exactly what I can give you.

Just Marshall. :)